Mary Shanley

Staff Accountant / Administrative Assistant

Anchorage, Alaska

A lifelong Alaskan born in Kodiak, Mary brings an impressive legacy in the accounting realm to her role at Architects Alaska. Mary, a proud alumnus of the University of Alaska Anchorage’s School of Business, has an innate knack for organization, detail tracking, and meticulous planning.

Mary thrives amidst the energy of a creative and driven team. Working closely with the Controller, Mary plays a pivotal role in steering the myriad of accounting intricacies of the firm. Her contributions are anchored in precision and commitment, mirroring the broader ethos of the firm.

When she isn’t pouring over ledgers or coordinating with the team, Mary indulges in her passion for the Alaskan wilderness. She enjoys crafting jams and concocting infusions, drawing inspiration and ingredients from local Alaskan berries and flowers. These homemade delights reflect her deep connection to her homeland and creative flair.