Peter Su

Project Manager

Wasilla, Alaska

Peter Su is a seasoned architect with a rich experience spanning 23 years. At the core of his professional journey is a profound passion for collaboration. He firmly believes in the magic that unfolds when various stakeholders come together — from clients and design teams to the broader community and contracting teams. It’s in these intersections of diverse perspectives and priorities that Peter finds the heart of his work, be it as a project facilitator or a team collaborator.

Over the years, Peter has worked on an array of projects, with a particular focus on K-12 school designs. However, his versatility shines through with a repertoire that includes civic, commercial, and medical projects as well. For him, the most exhilarating projects involve multiple stakeholders, requiring the harmonious collaboration of clients, community members, government agencies, contractors, engineers, and end-users.

Outside the realm of architectural designs and collaborations, Peter is an avid explorer, immersing himself in the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska. Alongside his family, he enjoys discovering the wonders that the community and the broader Alaskan expanse have to offer.