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    Alaska Railroad Corporation ANCHORAGE OPERATIONS CENTER

    Nestled between Whitney Road and the bustling railroad yard in Anchorage, the Alaska Railroad Corporation’s operations and training facility stands as a testament to innovation and heritage. Designed collaboratively by Architects Alaska and Alaska Mechanical, Inc., this 22,741 SF steel-framed edifice was erected in two phases, taking just under thirteen months to complete.

    The site, once a dormant brownfield in an industrial zone, was handpicked for its prime third-floor views of the rail yard. Serving as the heartbeat of Alaska Railroad’s operations, the building is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities: a dispatch center monitoring the railroad stretch from Seward to Fairbanks, emergency control rooms, and a yard tower offering a panoramic view of the Anchorage rail yard. It also features ARRC training facilities, complete with a locomotive simulator and computerized testing facilities.

    Architects Alaska used brick and cast stone to create a building character that reflects America’s rich railroad heritage and the nearby Alaska Railroad Headquarters building. The arched form chosen for the main entry reflects many urban rail facilities constructed throughout America in the first half of the twentieth century.