Bethany Murray

Project Manager

Bozeman, Montana

Bethany, with over 8 years of dedication to the architectural domain, stands as a paragon of versatility and precision. As both a seasoned Project Manager and an Architectural Designer, she seamlessly melds creativity with technical mastery. Drawing from her extensive background in designing high-end custom homes across picturesque locales like Big Sky, MT, Colorado, Lake Tahoe, and the enchanting terrains of Hawaii, Bethany brings a unique blend of luxury and functionality to her projects.

Her multifaceted experiences have equipped her not only with a keen eye for design but also with an adeptness in leading diverse teams. She excels in bridging the nuances of design with the practicalities of project management, ensuring that each project achieves its envisioned aesthetic while adhering to precise timelines.

Outside the office, Bethany, accompanied by her dog Ruby, finds solace in the Rockies. She is a seeker of all things endurance-based and pushing of the physical and mental limits. Her passions include solo archery hunting, upland bird hunting, ultra running, multi-day backpacking trips, mountain biking, climbing, fishing, winter backcountry touring & skiing, and pouring over topography maps to create routes for her next adventure.