Chris Berryhill


BIM Coordinator / Technical Designer

Bozeman, Montana

With a professional journey over three decades, Chris has deep-rooted ties to the building and architecture. His foundational experiences began alongside his father, a general contractor, which provided him with hands-on exposure from a young age. While his expertise encompasses residential and commercial sectors, Chris specializes in interior finishes and cabinetry. His comprehensive background in construction seamlessly paved his path into architecture, fortified by his profound understanding of building mechanics.

Over the years, Chris has dedicated many of his architectural endeavors to designing renovations for low-income housing. Lately, his scope has expanded to encompass everything from single-family homes to medical refurbishments, harnessing the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM). He has also honed a proficiency in REVIT.

Chris is a genuine nature enthusiast. He regularly immerses himself in mountain biking and swimming and has an insatiable wanderlust for travel and discovery. Beyond his architectural pursuits, Chris’s artistic soul finds expression through intricate creations crafted with his laser cutter.