Bryce Williams

Technical Designer

Anchorage, Alaska

Since joining Architects Alaska in 1998, Bryce has become an indispensable asset, excelling in Building Information Modeling (BIM). Through his expertise, he provides our team with the tools to streamline the planning, designing, construction, and management processes of buildings and infrastructure more efficiently.

Armed with a degree in Architectural Engineering and a specialization in structural engineering, Bryce’s unique ability to visualize and innovate shines through. In his professional capacity, he meticulously crafts construction documents, proactively identifying and resolving potential coordination issues even before the construction phase.

Away from the drafting table, Bryce channels his creativity into the world of cinema. He crafts compelling short fiction films that have garnered acclaim in festivals spanning the USA, Canada, UK, and China. Aspiring to elevate his craft, Bryce is honing his skills with the ambition to produce feature films on modest budgets with lean crews. Keep an eye out for Bryce’s cinematic creations on the silver screen!