Diane Heaney-Mead

Project Manager

Anchorage, Alaska

A lifelong Alaskan, Diane brings over 15 years of dedicated experience in architectural designs tailored for medical and rural environments within the state. Joining Architects Alaska in 2006, Diane swiftly progressed in her role, and by 2008, with her Master of Architecture in hand, she became an integral member of the team. Her work speaks to her expertise, with a portfolio that includes medical offices, labs, imaging centers, extended care facilities, and rural clinics.

Diane’s ability to manage both compact and expansive projects showcases her breadth of knowledge. With a deep connection to the Anchorage community, she’s collaborated with local building departments, adjusting national codes to better serve the area’s specific needs.

Beyond architecture, family remains Diane’s focal point. She enjoys the simple joys of watching her three children grow, nurturing her garden, caring for her chickens, and diving into home DIY projects.