David Moore


Principal Architect


Prescott, Arizona

Raised in Skagway, Dave spent most of his life as a proud Alaskan. He embarked on his journey with Architects Alaska in 1987, pioneering some of the firm’s most innovative and intricate projects. His unwavering dedication to architecture shines through especially in his adeptness at conceptualizing public buildings that resonate deeply with the community. As a Principal Architect, he immerses himself in the aspirations of our clients, molding designs that epitomize efficiency and cost-effectiveness while amplifying their core objectives.

To broaden the horizon for Architects Alaska, Dave has recently made a strategic move to Arizona, inaugurating our brand-new office in Prescott. This transition signifies a thrilling evolution in his illustrious career and reinforces Architects Alaska’s expanding influence.

Beyond the confines of his office, Dave is a fervent aficionado of nature and music. His heart finds solace in activities like fishing, hiking, camping, immersing himself in melodies, and spending time with his wife and family.