Jacqueline Edwards


Associate Principal

Project Manager, Senior Architect

Anchorage, Alaska

Since joining Architects Alaska in 2013, Jacqueline has been pivotal in spearheading the design efforts for numerous facility rehabilitation projects as well as new constructions. With a distinct specialization in commercial design, she also contributes significantly to the healthcare team. Jacqueline’s expertise in AutoCAD and Revit shines, and she occasionally ventures into the innovative world of Virtual Reality. Her meticulous attention to detail, combined with unparalleled organizational skills, ensures that she consistently meets the objectives of her projects.

Her architectural passion was kindled in high school, where she honed her drafting skills. This early interest, married to her love for art and math, naturally guided her to a career in architecture. Despite her demanding schedule, Jacqueline finds joy with her four children, taking rejuvenating hikes, and expressing herself through painting.