Kathleen Benoit


Associate Principal

Sr Project Manager, Interior Designer

Wasilla, Alaska

Kathleen is a seasoned design leader, boasting over two decades of expertise across varied sectors such as corporate, retail, commercial, hospitality, government, and notably, healthcare and wellness. She thrives on collaborating with clients, end users, and consultants, translating project needs into both anticipated and novel solutions. Kathleen values the interplay between architecture and design, seeing them as a harmonious blend.

Her design inspirations are deeply rooted in her travels and her fondness for reading. As of January 2023, Kathleen’s commitment to the community is further underscored by her service on the Board for the Providence Foundation, amplifying her impact in the sector. As a LEED Accredited Professional, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of designs that uphold social, economic, and ecological sustainability principles.

Professionally driven by sustainable design, Kathleen also cherishes the Alaskan outdoors personally. Whether it’s hiking its trails or exploring its waterways, she finds solace in nature. An ardent advocate of both State and National Parks, she continuously emphasizes environmental stewardship, aiming to gift future generations a planet that’s cherished and preserved.