Grant Rebne

Architectural Designer

Anchorage, Alaska

Grant Rebne is a seasoned professional in the architecture and construction management sector, with a career spanning over 15 years. His journey began in Southern California, focusing on residential design. In 2004, he founded Plans Granted, a design and drafting business, which soon expanded to include commercial and restaurant design by 2006. Grant's return to Alaska in 2010 marked a shift to specializing in facade and rainscreen systems.

Renowned for his acute listening skills, Grant excels in aligning with client and stakeholder visions, meticulously integrating details and systems in his projects. His portfolio is diverse, including standout multi-family and ultra-luxury residential apartment projects. However, his passion lies in government and institutional projects, where he finds fulfillment in understanding and meeting the community's needs.

Professionally, Grant is most enthralled by the evolution of projects from concept to completion, taking pride in the tangible realization of designs. His expertise in exterior design and development has been a focal point for the last eight years. Outside of work, Grant is a family man, enjoying time with his wife and three children, and relishes outdoor activities like fishing and hunting in Cantwell.