Steve Schell


Associate Principal

Project Manager, Senior Architect

Anchorage, Alaska

Steve has been a valuable member of Architects Alaska since 2007, bringing with him over 17 years of architectural experience. Within a design team, he fluently navigates various roles — from the initial conception of a project to its construction administration — delivering consistently high-quality outcomes.

Specializing in the design of new public and industrial facilities, Steve also innovatively addresses existing structures, integrating contemporary materials and sustainable elements. His architectural approach revolves around responsible design tailored to clients’ needs. Passionate about community, environment, and architecture, Steve consistently introduces forward-thinking strategies that not only meet but often surpass client expectations, harmoniously blending with the immediate community and environmental context.

Steve is an advocate for sustainable commuting, often riding his bicycle to work. On days he isn’t cycling, he walks alongside his loyal companion, Walter. On a personal note, life has recently blessed Steve and his wife, Cami, with a new chapter: they’ve joyously welcomed their baby boy, Carter. Beyond architecture, Steve has a penchant for gardening and kayaking. Though originally from Pennsylvania, we believe Steve’s heart truly belongs to Alaska.