Stephen Henri


Principal Architect

Vice President

Anchorage, Alaska

With nearly two decades in the architectural realm, Stephen became a valuable member of the Architects Alaska team in 2011. His approach is characterized by its foresight—meticulously crafting designs that address immediate requirements while anticipating the future. Holding a profound respect for environmental design, Stephen is committed to creating structures that blend seamlessly into their communities, serving both form and function.

Stephen’s professional skill set encompasses the entire project lifecycle, from initial conception to finalized design. This includes renovations and expansions, phased construction planning, cost estimation, and comprehensive facility design. Throughout his tenure, he’s contributed his expertise to a diverse range of projects in Alaska, such as office and educational spaces, healthcare facilities, maintenance hubs, and airport infrastructures.

On a personal note, Stephen’s childhood interest in history cultivated a deep appreciation for maps, which he views as windows into diverse cultures. Beyond his professional achievements and cartographic pursuits, Stephen cherishes his role as a father to two young boys and takes pleasure in activities like hiking and cross-country skiing.