Michael Henricks


Principal Architect

Senior Vice President

Anchorage, Alaska

Michael boasts over 35 years of architectural experience. Originating from South Carolina and later practicing in Seattle, he transitioned to Alaska to explore opportunities in the region. Since joining Architects Alaska in 2002, his trajectory saw him rise to the position of Vice President and Principal Architect by 2018, and subsequently Senior Vice President in 2021. Committed to staying current, Michael actively engages with the latest architectural developments and trends.

Across various market sectors, Michael’s work has consistently met and exceeded client expectations. His long-term engagements with repeat clients underscore his ability to effectively understand and implement their vision, resulting in functional and aesthetically sound projects. His meticulous attention to detail and collaborative approach ensures optimal outcomes for all architectural endeavors. Michael remains deeply committed to architecture, emphasizing a client-focused approach, and thoughtful responsiveness to their needs.

Outside the professional arena, Michael has a penchant for outdoor mountain sports, cycling, and cross-country skiing. His interests also extend to international cycle touring, photography, and travel. When not working or exploring, he values time spent at home with Sarah and their furry friends.